5 Key Home Items NOT to Leave Off the Wedding Registry

Spring is just around the corner, meaning wedding season is also on the way! For all of you who are planning on tying the knot soon, or even if you are just starting to set up house, here is a quick list of five things that no wedding registry would be complete without (in a designer’s opinion, of course). I split this list so that it includes one piece for each room of the house, so you’re able to cover all your bases on your registry.

1. In the bedroom: great bedding. You spend almost a third of your day on a bed every day (maybe more as a newlywed, ha!) so you want to make this spot special. Quality bedding is a luxury that you will never regret.

2. In the dining room: high-quality wine glasses. Your first year of marriage usually entails a bunch of entertaining, so having a set of nice wine glasses will really make a difference. Now, it’s not necessarily about buying fine-cut crystal—it’s about having a set of glasses that help create a sense of occasion when you are entertaining. So buy according to the your means. As you grow together and become more successful, you can move up the scale.

3. In the bathroom: bath robes. Now that you are married, a lot of defenses come down. Your spouse is probably seeing you at your worst in the morning (like without make-up as you get out of the shower, for example), so spruce up that look with a pair of great bathrobes. That little bit of luxury can change your outlook in the morning. I prefer fluffy terry cloth ones, as they are easy to keep clean and fresh, and you can just throw them in the laundry once a week.

4. In the kitchen: a good coffee maker. You are married now: it’s time to grow up. No more instant coffee or a quick run to Starbucks on the way to work. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while nutritionally this may be true, it is also true for your relationship. Sit down together have a great cup of coffee, discuss your plans for the day, and all of a sudden you are part of team that together can conquer the world.

5. In the living room: stationary. Nothing will build a happy marriage like gratitude (remember, it takes a village!). So get some stationary and, as a couple, send out one thank you card a week. It will be a pleasant surprise to see the strong bonds you form with all those around you. Plus it’s getting good karma in style!

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