5 Great Furniture Options for Rental Properties

Rental properties have temporary occupants, often varying in the number of inhabitants at a time. Tenants may not have the same preference in regards to furniture, and their ways of using specific spaces could vary too. Furnished or semi furnished rental properties should have furniture that can appeal to a larger target audience. Hence, every piece of furniture should be chosen wisely. Here are the five best furniture options for rental properties.

Multipurpose Furniture

Every piece of furniture in a rental property may not be multipurpose or multifunctional. However, many furniture options can be multi-utilitarian. For example, a bed with built-in storage is very useful. Irrespective of the target audience or demographics, any and every individual can make good use of a bed with built-in storage. The same is true for modular sofas. Most modular sofas can be arranged in different ways, thus providing the option of changing the setting, and the alignment of seating. Many modular sofas can also be turned into makeshift beds. These can be helpful when guests stay over.

Nesting Tables

Not all rental properties are desirably spacious. There can be a dearth of spare space when all types of essential furniture are put in their rightful places. Choosing smart furniture options while ticking the checkboxes for essentials can save space, and leave much room to spare. One such option is a set of nesting tables. These tables can easily come together and be neatly aligned in a small space. Yet, they can be set out in different alignments to serve as several tables. One could be the center table, and another may be a side table, and a third can be a shelf, etc.


A rental property can have one or two trolleys. A kitchen trolley comes in handy, especially if there isn’t a large enough counter or an island. The kitchen trolley can also be moved around to the dining area, or even the living area if necessary. There can be a trolley in the living area for multiple purposes. It is imperative to ensure that the trolley is sturdy. It should be impeccable locking mechanism. The material should be strong enough to endure sufficient pressure, if it is going to be used for tabletop or countertop activities.

Performance Fabrics

Rental properties should have as many furniture upholstered with performance fabrics as possible. Performance fabrics can endure much more wear and tear than other materials. They are not only reliable materials for upholstery, but also extremely convenient to manage. Cleaning performance fabrics is a cakewalk. Many types of stains can come off or be removed with just a bit of water and gentle blotting. Performance fabrics are not vulnerable to abrasion. They can stand the test of time, without looking aged, overused, and unpleasant. Popular performance fabrics are olefin, acrylic, nylon, and polyester.

Poufs and Stools

Traditional chairs take more space than sleeker contemporary designs. Old school seating options are also taller, and tend to reduce the shoulder space available in a given area. Poufs and stools are a more practical option. They have a low height, and profile. They are sturdy and comfortable. They can have significant contribution to the aesthetics of the interior décor. Trendy poufs look cool, and they add a pleasant flavor to the décor. They can not only be used for seating, but also as footrests.

There are many other such clever furniture options for rental properties. The focus should be on ease of use, cleaning and maintenance, durability and aesthetics. Multipurpose options are always better. Investing a little bit more on the quality of material will have rich rewards.

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