11 Wall Decor Ideas Under $50

Are you fed up with the overall look of your living room, dining area or bedroom? If your home decor is urgently in need of updating but you are on a strict budget, spruce up your home or office with these 11 wall decor ideas for under $50. Save money and give your surroundings a whole new lease of life.

#1. Revamp Thrift Store Picture Frames 

Revamp cheap, thrifted picture frames by spray painting them different colors. Fill them with old pictures or printed sheet music for a vintage look.

#2. Printable Art 

Printable art is cheap and easy, find some printable art online, print it out and frame them with thrifted frames or use minimal glass frames for a contemporary creative look.

#3. Dollar Store Wall Decals

Wall decals are a fun, yet effective way to spruce up dull walls. You should be able to find plenty of options in your local dollar store or discount homeware store.

#4. Frame Old Baby Clothes 

Take the thrift store frame idea to the next level by framing old baby clothes. Instead of throwing away old baby clothes, immortalise them by framing them and adding them to your wall art collection.

#5. Ropes and String 

Ropes and string are budget friendly and they will give your home a nice rustic charm. Use thin rope to decorate old mirrors and frames. Create rope and string art or use old rope to create a room border instead of using wallpaper borders.

#6. Inspiration Boards 

Inspiration boards can be made with the base of an old crib, wire mesh or sheet cork. Get creative here, use your imagination and get inspired every time you walk into the room.

#7. Cardboard Tube Art Installation 

You can find cardboard tubing in most craft stores or DIY stores. Paint them and use them to create a cool art installation. Fill them with small plants or old jewels, get creative and make a dull, uninspiring room look like a styled masterpiece.

#8. Painted Basket Display

Get some old, thrifted or cheap flat baskets and paint them to create something artistic and funky. Three in a row or 12 made into a beautiful arrangement, get creative and do whatever takes your fancy.

#9. Thrifted Mirrors 

Just like thrifted frames, thrifted mirrors can really add an extra spark or vibrance to your boring walls. Paint the mirror frames different colors or paint them and sandpaper them down to give them an old rustic finish.

#10. Preserved Plant Display 

Preserve flowers and leaves by pressing them in between heavy books. Create a nice art display by placing them on simple backgrounds and framing them.

#11. Wall Planters

Instead of displaying your small plants in regular old pots, display them with wall planters instead! This would be nice for a kitchen or dining room wall. Place fresh herbs or other small plants into the plant pots to create a fresh and aromatic wall display.

These are some wonderful, cheap and easy to implement wall decor ideas. Everything is $50 or less, perfect for anyone who wants to live in style without breaking the bank.

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