5 Ways to Revitalize Faded and Stained Outdoor Patio Furniture

Having patio furniture makes for great statement pieces for your outdoor spaces. They’re perfect when you want to host friends and family over but leaving them outdoor means your outdoor patio furniture will have to battle all weather conditions be it rain or shine. Over time, your outdoor patio furniture would begin to fade and stain or look gray and rusty. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the line for your furniture because we’re going to guide you through 5 ways to revitalize your faded and stained outdoor patio furniture.

Rinse it down with a power washer

An important step in revitalizing your faded and stained patio is to wash away all the dirt that has accumulated on them. Using a power washer will easily remove the stains and rust from your furniture, making it easier for you to work on them after. Before turning on the power washer, make sure that your furniture can withstand the pressure of the water. We don’t recommend this fix for furniture made of rattan or plastic as they may break from the force of the power washer.

Sand, re-stain, and seal

If you own any wooden patio furniture, this would be your pick. Sanding, re-staining, and sealing is a common way to bring life back to your wooden patio furniture and is also easy to do. To start, you’ll need sandpaper to remove any unwanted stains or chipping wood from the furniture. This makes re-staining your furniture smoother with a less patchy finish and reduces the possibility of hurting yourself from splinters. Don’t forget to also apply a layer of sealant to avoid having to repeat this process so soon.

Give it a fresh coat of paint

Painting over your faded and stained patio furniture is another great and easy way to give it a new lease of life. This method is great for patio furniture of any material especially aluminum and iron pieces. To ensure your paint job lasts for a long time, be sure to remove the older paint that used to cover your furniture or scrub away any rust with a wire brush. If you’re a proud owner of wooden patio furniture, you’ll want to look out for wood-specific paint and seal it with a sealant after. It may take several layers to full coat over the natural wooden colors of your furniture, but the satisfying results will make your efforts worthwhile.

Rub them down with oil

If you’d like a more natural way to revitalize your faded and stained outdoor patio furniture, you could always consider rubbing them down with oil. Ideal for use on wooden or rattan outdoor patio furniture, using oil is another easy method but may be more time consuming as you must allow the oils to seep into your furniture for a more natural and polished look. If your outdoor patio furniture will be in close contact with food, you should look for natural plant oils such as tung oil to avoid unwanted food-related accidents.

Accessorize your patio furniture

Just as we complement our outfits with accessories, adding items such as cushions and or throws can also revitalize the look on your patio furniture. Accessorizing your patio furniture also means it’s easy to change the look of your outdoors because you could always swap the cushions for a different cover or pick out different throws for different occasions and seasons. The only downside however is that not many accessories are weather friendly, so you’ll have to watch out for rainy days and keep them away when you’re done to deter thieves.

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