7 Tiny Style Refreshers for a Touch of New

We know what you’re thinking. The dawn of the new year is a time to start looking at your life from a bird’s eye view, to re-examine the possibilities so that you can live to your full potential, and to, well, go big or go home. So why are we so focused on the little things?

We agree that this is the time of year to start thinking about how you’re going to tackle big projects, like, say, redoing your entire house. But, if we may let you in on a little secret, the biggest home project—giving your place a new look for the new year—can easily be done through a through a series of smaller ones. In fact, much smaller ones: so small that you often wouldn’t even consider them able to transform your space. Lo and behold, here are the tiny things you can start doing now for just a touch of new. This way, you’ll feel refreshed and reinvigorated—and you won’t have to get rid of your sofa for the feeling.

New tea towel

A tea towel is a charming tiny addition to any kitchen that’ll perk it up like that.

New wall hooks

A set of new, quirky wall hooks in the entryway is guaranteed to change your perspective when coming in from the cold.

New soap dispenser

Give your bathroom a small, new dose of color via the addition of a new soap dispenser.

Tissue box

As the sniffles from flu and allergy season rage on, a tissue box will be essential for yourself and guests. Make the experience a touch less miserable with a delightfully-shaped box.

New lamp shade

In the bedroom and/or the living room, switching out your previous lamp shades in favor of some funky ones is simple space-changing.

New bottle stoppers

Over at the bar cart or wine rack, a few new glinting bottle stoppers are just the thing to add a little something extra.

Coffee and tea

For your coffee grounds or your tea leaves, forget the ugly packaging and buy an adorable little tabletop cannister that will brighten your kitchen right up.

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