10 Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas

The truth of the matter is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on home decorating. There are tons of fun, simple DIY home décor suggestions that can be applied to virtually any space. In other words, whether you have a sprawling home, a cozy apartment, or something in-between, you can take advantage of the suggestions we are going to cover here.

10 DIY Home Décor Tips Anyone Can Use!

With that in mind, let’s run down our list of 10 DIY home décor suggestions:

  1. Shelving: People love to create an illusion of more space than there really is. This is particularly true with smaller apartments. You can easily achieve this effect by hanging up a shelf.
  2. Mirrors: Strategically-placed mirrors offer another exceptional way to create the kind of space we’re talking about.
  3. The sofa/couch: Can’t afford a new sofa or couch? Not to worry. Pillows and well-placed blankets offer a great way to transform this piece of furniture on the cheap.
  4. Paint: If you don’t mind spending at least a little money, consider adding a fresh coat of paint to unexpected spaces. Painting the living room is great, but you would be surprised by what can be done by simply painting the interior of a closet!
  5. Organize your junk: Create a junk drawer to keep items like remote controls and similar entities in a single place. Some even like to put these things on a tray, which is then placed on the coffee table.
  6. More about shelves: Another simple DIY home décor idea involves adding wallpaper to your shelves. Small touches like these can create dramatic changes in virtually any space.
  7. Ambiance? Decorated mason jars and candles can create a very appealing atmosphere with virtually no money or work on your part.
  8. What about the ceiling? The ceiling is a perfect project for those who want to change things up in their home décor, but who would prefer to go the DIY route. Ceiling tiles are more affordable and easier to install than ever, but you can also create something pretty remarkable by simply painting your ceiling a different color from the rest of the room.
  9. How about a new bathroom? Completely redoing your bathroom is the kind of project that can set someone back thousands. You don’t have to go that  It’s not cheating to get some new towels, new curtains for the windows, and a new shower curtain to create something decidedly different from what you had before. Some of the suggestions we’ve highlighted above can also be applied here.
  10. How about the kitchen? This is another space that can cost tons and tons of money on the home renovation front. Adding dimmers to your kitchen and/or dining room can accomplish so much on so little. Updating the cabinet hardware in your kitchen is also considerably cheaper and more straightforward than a full-on renovation.


Home décor from a DIY perspective doesn’t require a lot in the way of resources or even experience. Virtually anyone can utilize the tips we’ve covered!

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